League of Legends Betting Guide

We present you the League of Legends betting Canada guide, where you can find all the updated information on one of the most important esports. League of Legends (LoL) is a highly popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game and the one with the most players today. It should be noted that the MOBA genre has its origin in the Defender of the Ancients map of Warcraft 3, from there a large number of games of this type have been developed over time in which League of Legends is included, considered as one of the best in this genre.

Best bookmakers for betting on League of Legends for Canadian Players

In our experience, these are 6 of the best bookmakers for betting on League of Legends and other esports for Candian residents. If you are from outside Canada you can take comfort in the fact that these bookamkers accept players from over 157 countries. We recommend that you check out the following bookmakers and sign up for their email offers as they have one of the best odds and offer many free bets for less popular sports like esports:

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WHAT IS LOL? / HOW DO YOU PLAY League of Legends?

It must be said, League of Legends is the most prominent game among electronic sports and this is because it is a real-time strategy video game in which two teams are measured in various battle arenas and under different game modes in search of victory.

In League of Legends, each player develops different skills in the game and each of them can be fundamental for their team, from which strategies and styles of play are created, success will depend on them. This video game takes place in a fictional universe and there are three game modes, known as Fields of Justice .

Among the Fields of Justice you can find Summoner’s Rift , Twisted Treeline and Howling Abyss. The first is the best known of all, the second deals with a slightly smaller map in which the number of players is reduced and the last is a world where confrontation is inevitable and there is no option to seek a cure.

Whatever world you play in, the goal is always the same: destroy the central structure of the rival team, also known as the Nexus . Each team chooses its characters, called champions, from a list of 134 available figures . Reaching the rival team’s Nexus will be quite a difficult task, the path will be full of obstacles that make the game very exciting.

Esports games are usually played best of 3 or best of 5 , according to the tournament rules. When a team succeeds in destroying the rival Nexus, score a point and start over. The teams can get different resources such as gold that will be used to buy objects in the stores that are in the bases and improve the skills of their characters, so the emotion of the game will always be latent

BETTING ON League of Legends

A large part of online gambling sites only include the ability to bet on the winner on League of Legends games and major tournaments, although some other more ambitious bookmakers have gradually decided to add different markets.

Nowadays it is possible not only to bet on the moneyline but also bets on the different aspects of the game such as which team will get the first blood , one of the most popular markets. It is also possible to predict which team will be the first to get ten kills, over / under bets that apply to the number of towers that will be destroyed during the game, among others.

As in other eSports, in League of Legends you can bet live in most of the bookmakers. The number of events, both live and pre-match, depends mainly on the bookmaker you choose, but also on the relevance of a game, either because it involves prominent teams or because it is in the framework of an important tournament.


Here are some strategies and tips for betting on League of Legends:

Tip #1 for betting on League of Legends: Understand the rules of the game

As in any sport or any other category of eSports, it is important that you do not place bets on League of Legends until you are clear about what the game consists of, what its basic rules are ,the most outstanding teams and the news of this category .

 Once you have a good understanding of the subject, you can begin to place your bets, starting with the basic markets and progressing as you get to know the different aspects of the game.

Tip #2 for betting on League of Legends: Follow the Game

It is always important to get broadcasts of the most interesting games, that will help you a lot if you want to bet live, but not only that, but if you are a beginner bettor in League of Legends you may want to learn how the game develops, how the players destroy the towers enemies or kill dragons.

Remember that there are different maps or Fields of Justice and that according to the one that serves as the setting for the game, it is important to know the performance of each team on that map. 

In addition, you must know about the differentLeague of Legends champions (game characters), learn to distinguish between a shooter and a wizard, for example, and take into account their different attributes and how they influence the final result of a game.

The communication between the players of the same team is also a fundamental element, the strategies and the rapport in the different game scenarios have a positive or negative influence on the course of the game.

Tip #3 for betting on League of Legends: different types of bets

When it comes betting onLeague of Legends and other sports diversifying your bets can help you win big.Most professional punters love to bet on combination bets,handicap bets and of course the classic match result bets where you bet on who wins the match.

The same principles applies to betting onLeague of Legends.

Here are some different types of bets when it comes to betting on League of Legends:

Match winner bets or Money Line bets in League of Legends

This is the most common type of bet in most sports and esports.

Before the game starts, the bookmaker offers us a quota for each team’s victory according to their level and their history of wins and losses. If the team you bet on wins the game, your bet is a winner; If you lose, you lose too.

Handicap bets in League of Legends

A handicap is a handicap or unfavorable circumstance.Handicap betting in the context of League of Legends is the same,that is, it means that it is about imposing a disadvantage on the favorite team or player, to level the probabilities of the results. 

So how does Handicap betting work in League of Legends?

Well it’s pretty simple,you can choose to bet on any of the following handicap markets:

  1. First Map- first tower
  2. First map – kill handicap
  3. First map – first dragon
  4. First map – first baron
  5. First Map Both Teams to Slay a Baron

In b-Bets you can find over 16 different types of bets when it comes to betting on League of Legends.

We suggest you to do your research about team stats,experiment and place odds on these markets to increase your payout.

Handicap markets in League of Legends

Live betting in League of Legends

We have covered the benefits of live betting in sports betting in other articles. Those same benefits apply to League of Legends. In a nutshell, live betting or in play betting in League of Legends helps you to be more flexible and make quick decisions that can help you win big or avoid losses.

Sometimes the favorite underperforms and if you bet big before the match begins you stand to lose big for instance.

The opposite can also hold true, sometimes players become injured right before the match which can significantly affect the outcomes of games.

Tournament winner bets in League of Legends 

Finally, we must talk about the tournament winner bets , in which the player can bet on the team that will win the title. Among the tournaments that are offered to bet, the League of Legends Championship Series, the LoL Pro League, the LoL Master Series or the World Championship, the League of Legends world championship, stand out. These are events in which professional teams participate, one of the characteristics of LoL.


As in soccer or basketball, teamwork is essential in League of Legends eSports competitions, so it is important to know which ones are the best before betting on one.

Here are the top 5 LoL teams in 2020:

Funplus Q: 

After winning the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, Funplus Phoenix has risen to the top of the top team rankings. The squad of this team is made up of three players from China and two from South Korea, they currently have a winning percentage of over 60%.


 They reached the final of the world championship in 2020 but were on the verge of winning it. On the way to the highest instance of that event, they faced SK Telecom T1 and beat him, thus awakening the illusion that they could be champions. G2 Sports is a team made up of European players from different countries, it is a successful team with a good win ratio.

SKT Telecom T1:

A must when talking about League of Legends, SK Telecom is a historic team in this category that has won three editions of the World Championship. It is a team whose squad is made up of South Korean players, including Lee Sang-Hyeok, better known as Faker who is the best player in the history of LoL and one of the pillars in the successful career of T1.

Damwon Gaming: 

This South Korean team has stood out notably in LoL, their winning percentage is over 70% and they came among the top eight of the 2020 world championship, which is why they are 4th in the ranking.


This team was another of those that stood out in 2020 reaching the final stages of the League of Legends World Championship. The dominance of Asians in this category is enormous and Griffin could not be left behind, after a year of good performances in the top tournament they reached position 5 in the ranking.


The total amount of prizes to be distributed among all League of Legends tournaments is currently more than 40 million dollars, it should be noted that there are more than 1,900 professional competitions during the year.

The vast majority of LoL tournaments are organized by Riot Games, the developer of the video game. There are currently 5 official LoL leagues that are played throughout the year and end with the world championship.

Here are some of the most important events:


This competition is part of the League of Legends Championship Series and is made up of 10 European teams that guarantee a high level tournament. Like the other LCS league, it consists of a season divided into two sections, a summer and a spring. The top three EU LCS teams advance to the world championship.


  Similar to its version in Europe, the top 10 teams in North America compete in the NA LCS in search of places to the world championship. This competition has enormous prestige and an impressive level.


South Korea is one of the most prominent countries in eSports and of course in League of Legends. This country has its own professional league called LCK. Like LCS competitions, in this league there are 10 teams and the top three secure a spot in the great world event.


 China also has its own league, made up of 12 teams of which 3 advance to the world championship as in the rest of the leagues. The teams in this league are divided into two divisions and then the best meet in a knockout round to define the World Cup players.


The League of Legends Master Series (LMS) completes the list of official LoL leagues, it is made up of 8 teams from Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. Unlike the rest of the competitions, in this there are only two places to the World Championship.

LoL World Championship: 

 So in football, the FIFA World Cup is the most important tournament, in League of Legends there is a world championship that brings together the best teams from the best leagues from around the world. This tournament is made up of 16 teams that usually play best of 3 or 5 games.

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