Golf Betting Tips

Golf is a sport like no other sport out there and you’ll notice this without a doubt when you go about betting on Golf with your favorite bookmaker.

You might be a little surprised when you start betting on Golf. We want you to avoid these surprises. We want you to be prepared. That’s why with this article we will get you ready for Golf Betting with our Golf betting tips in Canada so that you know what kind of golf bets are there and how you can bet on them to maximize your profits while betting on Golf without losing money

The Best Online Bookmakers For Players From Canada

Canadian Bookmakers are only legally allowed to feature parlay bets. This can significantly reduce your options when it comes Golf betting.But as a Canadian Resident you can legally bet on Golf and other sports in online bookmakers outside of Canda.

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Why betting on Golf is a Good Idea

Before you start betting on Golf we want to encourage you to get a good idea about the sport so that you make the most profitable bets in Golf.

You’ll notice that when you enter the specific section for Golf betting in most bookmakers like Unibet or Bet365 that the odds for Golf betting are really good.

The reason for these good odds for Golf betting is because it is not very popular among punters and even the biggest bookmakers want to entice punters to bet on Golf

Best Bookmakers for Golf betting

Are you looking for reliable and safe Bookmakers with good bookmaker bonuses and free bets for Golf?

We found 5 bookmakers that offers specific bonuses for Golf betting and regular free bets for golf betting.

You can register with these bookmakers without depositing a single cent. They send you cool offers and free bets for Golf betting and betting on other sports.

How Can You Start Betting on Golf

Before you start betting on Golf you need to keep one thing crystal clear in your mind-what are you going to bet on.

When it comes to Golf betting there are many options out there.Before you place your first bet in Golf make sure you know about the 4 biggest tournaments out there.

The four biggest tournaments in Golf (in no particular order of importance) are the PGA,the US open, The British Open and the August Open. You will wind more options than these but these 4 are the biggest Golf tournaments.

In Golf tournaments the most popular bets tend to be the ones where you predict final winner of the tournament. Apart from this bet you can bet on the best finisher based on his country or continent of origin.

You can also bet on whether a player will finish in the top 3, top 5, top 10 or top 20 whether or not they win or lose. These bets are considered to be the safest bets when it comes to Golf betting.

Handicap bets also apply to Golf betting and tends to be a popular bet among punters who bet on Golf.

The reason for this is simply due to the fact that handicap bets allows you to to increase your odds and get big multiplier wins.

The same principles that apply to handicap betting in other popular sports apply to Golf betting as well.

Other factors you should consider when betting on golf

Like we mentioned earlier, golf is a pretty complex sport and it has a hidden lingo attached to it. If you want to be good at Golf Betting you should familiarize yourself with this lingo.

Before you bet on your first Golf tournament you must make sure you do your research about the players, their form and all the small nitty gritty details.

Doing you homework will help you make informed bets that could increase your chances of making profitable Golf bets.

Betting on Golf isn’t easy and is quite complicated but if you follow these tips along with the strategies you’ll read below, you can make a decent profit by betting on Golf.

As we mentioned earlier, Golf has better odds than other popular sports. So doing your homework and making informed bets can help you turn in a tidy profit indeed.

Tips and strategies for betting on golf

Betting on golf, in most operators, is not very popular, which means that, every week, there are interesting odds capable of generating good profits. In fact, expert players in this sport often benefit from this circumstance frequently. For you to do it too, we are going to give you a series of tips, promotional code and recommendations to optimize your earnings. Pay attention.

1. Master Golf Terms and Golf Betting Terms

To bet on golf it is necessary to master all the expressions that surround it. Without a doubt, this is one of the tips that you should take into account the most. And it is that, on more than one occasion, surely you have heard of terms like ‘ birdie ‘, ‘putt’ or ‘eagle’ without really knowing what they were referring to. In this sense, before betting on golf, we recommend that you have a dictionary of terms at your fingertips so as not to make mistakes. From there, start investing your money.

2. Information is the key

Do not start betting on golf without rhyme or reason simply because you have seen, a priori, a good share compared to a player you know. And it is that one of the most relevant tips that we can give you is that you keep abreast of everything that happens around the players and tournaments. Who is number one right now? How is your trajectory during the last months? Are you good at that particular competition? All these questions must be answered before betting.

There are many specialized means that can help you to obtain this information. Also, do not underestimate the personal factors or overestimate the opinions of the supposed gurus on the matter. It is best to always use their data and tips when betting on golf to help you, but the final decision should always be yours based on the conclusions you have drawn.

3. Analyze the markets

Betting on golf, as in most sports, is subject to certain markets. In this sense, the ‘comparisons’ is usually the best. Also, the most profitable alternatives are those that allow you to bet on 18 holes or 72, that is, on a specific day or the entire tournament. The first option gives you the opportunity to get a slice of a possible surprise or an ‘underdog’, while in the second you will have to take into account the mental resistance of the participants to determine if the obtained is a one-day flower or not.

Also, in the case of matches played between two opponents, the best advice we can give you is to study the match carefully. And it is that, although, a priori, one of the two players seems very favorite according to the odds, it is possible that, against that rival, their performance drops or that, in that specific tournament, they will not be able to get the best out of it. of yes. Those who make the odds tend to give the favorites more advantage than they actually have.

For its part, the option of betting on golf that a player is in a certain position is also very interesting. For example, one of the best advice we can give you is to bet that those players who are in intermediate positions of the ranking are between 5 and 10 or 10 and 20, for example. In these cases, the odds are usually quite good and offer succulent profit margins. Also, a bad day from a favorite can fill your pockets.

Tips for Live Golf Betting and in play Golf Betting

.Making live bets is something very fun and at the same time lucrative, today golf is a sport that can be very attractive for those who like this type of game, especially at this time where we have the facility to have it online or on television the tournaments that are run.

Types of bets in Golf Betting

There are many KTO Live bets that can be made in this sport, the most common being the winner of the tournament or the place where one of the participants can finish. We can also highlight the bets that exist to determine who is the best European, American and national golfer.

Additionally, and to expand the opportunity in the game, you can bet on the positions in which the players can arrive, either first place, tenth or even the position that the game itself allows.

There is also another modality called individual matching, in which you bet that a player at the end of the tournament, is above another determined.

Golf Betting Online

It is important to understand that whoever is going to bet must be willing and have the time to watch the tournament live and direct, which will allow them to expand their field of competition and their analysis of what is happening in said competition. The most interesting thing about betting online is that at a certain moment of the game the player’s preferences may change, according to the statistics and probabilities that exist at that moment.

How to Bet on Golf

It all depends on what the player wants to do, golfers with lower odds undoubtedly carry a higher prize, because the betting house does not have them on their list of favorites, that is, if a player with lower odds has a rebound in the tournament, it may be a good time to line up the bet towards it.

The initial odds are almost always governed by the trajectory of the players, in major tournaments where the best in the world are achieved, it is much easier to predict what is going to happen. Betting on those who head the world rankings can be an easy and sometimes even safe alternative, although the reward for winning is much less.

We must not forget in our analysis that there are players who can do better in certain spaces, places and even days. We can even study the tournament in the previous year, to measure the behavior of these athletes. All this study can change the odds and also our type of bet. 

One of the keys is patience

The bookmakers can focus on the current hole being played, which gives you a touch of excitement to follow the game every day and hour.

Finally, those who bet on live golf must be patient and understand that the game is very slow for some tastes, because almost all players who participate in the bet require time to think and make decisions.  

It is important that the person who is going to bet on live golf has basic knowledge of the sport and can study the athletes, as well as know their state of mind and physical condition. 

Best golfers to bet on

SpainFor a sport like golf, there are many options at your disposal. However, one of the simplest and, at the same time, most lucrative, is those that which relate to the winner of a tournament or the winner of a match. In this sense, meeting the best golfers of the moment is something basic and essential to avoid making mistakes. Here we are going to talk to you about those who, at the moment, aren the world top.

Best golf players right now

Next we are going to talk about the best golf players of the moment and we will tell you why you should or should not bet on them. First of all, the first two steps of the podium are occupied by two Americans, Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth. Undoubtedly, both are a guarantee regarding the tournaments held in their country of origin. However, the second is less so outside its borders. This can help you find bets with good odds and greater guarantees of success.

The third drawer of the podium is occupied by Hideki Matsuyama , one of the great surprises in recent times. In fact, based on the odds that you usually enjoy when betting on it, it seems that there is still some disbelief around its success. Therefore, due to its excellent performance, it should not only be considered one of the best golf players of the moment, but a guarantee of profit.

At number four appears the Irish Rory McIlroy, a true legend of this sport. And it is that it can boast of having been 90 weeks in the number 1 position of the world ranking. In fact, for quite some time, it has imposed an iron dictatorship on the circuit, especially after the slump given by Tiger Woods. However, due to a number of recent injuries, it is not a good bet at this time. Of course, when it is fully recovered, it will be a guarantee.

In fifth and sixth place we find two Spaniards. The first of them is Sergio García, brand new champion of the Augusta Master and bearer of the green jacket that accredits him as such. After years without breaking into the top, definitely, to this day, he must qualify as one of the best golf players in the world. However, its trajectory is marked by irregularity. In this sense, the aforementioned Augusta Master has always been the tournament in which it has performed the best.

On the other hand, we must talk about Jon Rahm. This Spaniard of Basque origin is less known than Sergio García, but also much younger. Without a doubt, although there is still no great in his career, his career is being dizzying. So much so that, nowadays, it is practically a guarantee of ‘Top 10’ in all the tournaments that it disputes. Betting on him for the future is always a good idea.

Australian Jason Day and Swedes Henrik Stenson and Alexander Noren are next in the ranking of the best golfers to bet on. Undoubtedly, regarding them, they are good choices to invest the money in the position in which they will occupy in the tournaments they dispute. Although the greatest do not usually win, they do collect others of less prestige. Opting for them to be in the Top 5 or Top 10 is usually synonymous with profits.

Ultimately, these are the best golfers to bet on. Some are young people in growth and others have established careers, but what is clear is that, knowing them, they can bring you very good earnings.

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