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Cricket’s popularity as a sport can be easily gauged by the huge number of fans of this sport in India and the Indian sub-continent.

Although Cricket was first played in England and introduced by the British to their colonies, In the modern era it grew to be the most popular sport in India. Cricket is so popular in India that many often joke that Cricket is a religion in India.

A Brief history of Cricket

We have listed down a quick timeline of the history of cricket below:

1550Cricket was first played by children in the dense woodlands of Medieval South-east England.
1598First written refference of Cricket
1611First refference of Cricket being played by adults
1624First recorded event of man being killed while playing cricket, also the year when the mention of cricket bat found in written records.
1660Gamblers begin betting on cricket matches
1664Cricket betting begins to grow in popularity in England and the Gaming Act of 1664 is passed in parliament which limited bets on cricket to £100 (roughly equivalent to £15,000 in 2021)
1696Cricket matches begin reported in Newspapers
1700s to 1800’sCricket introduced to the Carribean colonies (also known as West Indies) in the 1700’s and in India by the British East India company
1720One of the Oldest Cricket Club was founded in London called the “London Cricket Club”
1744First laws of cricket codified
1839The first modern cricket club is founded in Sussex called the “Sussex County Cricket Club”
1844The first international cricket match is played between the United States and Canada
1882The birth of the Ashes Tournament
1909The International Cricket Council is formed as the “Imperial Cricket Conference” by England,South Africa and Australia
1926India,New Zealand and West Indies join the Imperial Cricket Conference
1971The first “One Day International” (also known as ODI) is played between England and Australia in the Melbourne Cricket Ground reducing the duration of a cricket match from 5 days to 8 hours
1975The first Cricket World Cup is played in England between 8 teams. West Indies wins the first world cup
2003Australia wins its third world cup becoming the most sucessful cricket team in the world with 3 world cup titles. As of 2021 they are Australia has the most world cup titles (5).India and West Indies are share the same spot for most world cup titles as of 2021 with two titles each.
2019England wins its first Cricket World Cup title

A brief History Of Cricket

A Brief Guide to Cricket Betting

Understand cricket as a game:

Unless you are already familiar with cricket, if you want to be sucessful at Cricket Betting it is very important for you to understand the game. There are some tricky terms associated with the sport, the knowledge of which can be crucial for you to form your own cricket betting strategy.

We recommend you to see some quick videos on youtube to learn about the sport and the terms associated with it if you are not familiar with the sport.

Know about all the betting options Cricket:

Just like any other sport there are many different kinds of bets in Cricket. The most popular form is of course the match winner bet where you bet on the winner of the match.

In cricket you can also bet on whether the game will end up in a tie or a draw.

You can also bet on Cricket tournaments and predict the tournament winner.

The important factors when betting on a cricket game

As per our latest cricket betting tips, you have to keep in mind some factors that will help you to turn in a neat profit while betting on Cricket:

Do your homework on the teams: 

Before you bet on a game do your research on the teams playing the game. Check out their form, rankings and stats. You can easily get free stats for these on Google.

Watch out for injuries, and trends like how often the team elects to bat or field, their performance on different grounds, when do they get most runs etc.

This will help you to decide on specific bets like who will get the most wickets or runs and the match winner in general.

Stay up to date with cricket:

A cricket match is played between two teams with 11 players each. The team that elects to bat has 2 players on the pitch until one of them gets an out and is replaced by another player.

If 10 players are out, the batting team is bowled out.The fielding team can field 11 players.

Each team consists of specialists who are either good at batting (reffered to as “batsmen”) or bowlers. When it comes to bowlers you have two kinds:

1)Pace bowlers who rely on high speed deliveries to get the player out

2)Spin Bowlers who rely on manipulating the trajectory of the ball to get a player out.

A team might have all rounders as well who are good at both.

The specialist batsmen go in first and usually after 5-6 wickets the bowlers have to bat and they are not good at batting unless they are all rounders.

Keep these things in mind when you choose to place your bet on a team.

Why trust our cricket betting tips?

We are not gonna lie, we are not experts when it comes to betting on every sport. That’s why we collaborate with punters who have extensive knowledge on betting on different sports.

For this article on cricket betting we struck up a collaboration with Cricket punters from India, Australia and Nigeria and Kenya.

They gave us a low down on how you can turn in a profit while betting on cricket whether or not you know much about Cricket or Cricket Betting.

Our collaborators have given us these tips to help you avoid rookie mistakes when it comes to betting on cricket and turn in a neat profit while betting on cricket.

3 Things you consider before placing a cricket bet:

Best Odds: 

When you are looking to place a bet on a Cricket match you want to ensure you get a bang for your buck. That’s why its important to compare odds with different bookmakers.

You can do this by doing your own research but we want to help you save your time. That’s why we recommend that you check out the bookmakers for cricket below because they come with the best odds.

These bookmakers want to promote cricket betting and compared to the big bookmakers like William Hill and Bet365 offer really good odds and offers.

Bet types:

As we mentioned earlier make sure you know about all the different types of cricket.
You have several types of bets in cricket like

1)Match bets where you predict the winner of a cricket match

2)Highest individual score: this is usually an over/ under cricket bet where you usually bet on whether a player from any team will score at least 100 or more.

3)1st Wicket method: How will the first player get an out? Will he be bowled out?Caught out?Stumped?LBW?

4)Yes/no bets: Here you bet on outcomes like whether a player from either team score a 50 or a 100 or not

5)Top batsmen/ bowler: Here you get to pick on who will be the top batsman or bowler from a particular team.

If you wanna check out all the different types of bets on cricket we recommend you to check out 24Bettle Sportsbook.

The Most Important Cricket Betting Tip :Find the Best Bookmakers for Cricket Betting for Canadian Players

Finding a bookmaker is essential if you want to get a bang for your buck with Cricket Betting. Some of the popular bookmakers may not accept players from your country or their offers and bookmaker bonuses start drying up once they see you are a regular.

Most bookmakers don’t have bonuses, offers and free bets specifically for Cricket betting. Many of the popular bookmakers don’t accept players from several countries.

We found five bookmakers that give regular free bets and bookmaker bonuses which helps you to make more money by betting on many sports. These bookmakers also give special offers for Basketball betting and free bets for Cricket Betting.

These bookmakers also accept players from over 167 countries so there is a high chance you can bet on Cricket from their bookmaker whether you are from Kenya,India or Canada.

Is cricket betting legal in Canada?

Opening and operating betting shops in Canada is illegal, however, you can bet on cricket and other sports on offshore bookmakers and online casinos. We recommend you to gamble on legal and reputable bookmakers and casinos with an MGA license.

Here are the five bookmakers that we personally recommend for Cricket betting:

  1. b-Bets
  2. 24Bettle
  3. Casino Sieger 
  4. Rembrandt
  5. Big5 Casino

Special Cricket Betting Welcome Bonus Offer for Indian Players

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Top 5 Cricket Betting tips:

Build a long term strategy:

Keep an eye out on what’s going on the world of cricket and Cricket markets. Make small bets on different combo bets, analyze your results and start scaling up on what works for you.

When you are starting out on cricket make sure you start betting small amounts until you have a strategy that works for you.

Don’t lose money while betting on Cricket:

If you don’t have bookmakers in your country you might have to rely on bookmakers from other countries for Cricket betting.

Often times bookmakers from other countries will not accept players from your country, have complicated payment methods and additional exchange fees.

You want to avoid these hidden costs, that’s why we recommend you to check out the bookmakers for Cricket that we mentioned above especially if you are betting from India,Nigeria or Kenya or Australia.

The bookmakers we mentioned above accept payments in AUD,INR,NGN and Kenyan Shilling which helps you to avoid painful extra exchange fees.

Minimize risk and Maximize Profits in Cricket Betting:

  • Our Expert professional punters recommend you to treat Cricket Betting like trading stocks on the stock market.
  • Do not put all your budget in one or two bets, diversify. Start small with your own system and combinations of bets based on your research and then scale up.
  • Treat cricket betting as if you are trading in the stock market where you learn what combination of bets work and what doesn’t work for you

Save Time While Betting on Cricket:

Always bet on cricket matches online with reputable bookmakers. Do not bet in betting shops because it’s harder for you to maintain a database on what worked and what didn’t work for you. When your are betting on Cricket online you get to see all your bets slips and what exactly you bet on.

When you bet on Cricket through betting shops you only get a bet slip which you could lose.

Also, please avoid betting on Cricket betting with illegal bookies. This is what one of our Professional Cricket punters from India had to say:

I always followed the game since I was a kid,I remember the 2011 World cup that India won, the whole country was filled with joy and so was I. I was 17 at the time and I was in the 12th standard and I would make small bets with my friends and that’s when I knew I was good at this.

But behind all the jubiliation that everyone was feeling for India’s victory in the World cup, there were some really nasty stories. Some of my classmates would bet insane amounts with shady illegal bookies because gambling is illegal in India espcially if you are under 18.

While we would make small 10-20 ruppee(approximately 30 to 40 cents in USD) bets amongst friends these guys would bet 1000 to 3000 rupees per game (15 USD to 50 USD) with shady underground bookies. One of these guys got a trashing from one of these bookies and he owed them close to 30000 rupees which is approximately $500. While this may seem like a small amount to some of your readers in Europe and America that’s approximately the salary of a middle class person in India at that time.

These bookies were tied to a gang, kidnapped this guy and called his dad to cough up the cash. They didn’t go to the police out of fear and he claims that the local cops were in on the game.

I also remember reading stories on the Times of India about raids from the income tax department where they uncovered a lot of black money from these illegal bookmakers

I started betting on online bookmakers when I had steady income because I knew that betting online in online bookmakers outside of India isn’t illegal because I read The Public Gambling Act of 1867 while I was studying Law during my llB.

I would urge all your readers from India to avoid betting from betting with illegal bookmakers in India and bet on legal bookmakers outside of India.”

Useful Cricket Betting Terms You should know

If you are new to Cricket Betting or just getting to know the sport we recommend you to know about these basic cricket betting terms:

Over or Under  – Over/ Under is a type of bet in cricket betting where you bet on whether a certain outcome would be over or under a certain number. For example, you can bet on whether or not the top scorer will score over 100 runs in the match.

Outright win – This a type of bet in cricket betting where you bet on who will win the tournament.

Underdog: The underdog in Cricket Betting as the name suggests is the team that is unlikely to win. Sometimes betting on the underdog can be a good strategy if they are in form, have big odds and the stronger team has a poor form or surprise injuries. We recommend you to place smaller amounts on these types of bets.

Game Value: This is the best chance of a bet in a cricket match.

Dead Heat: This is a situation in cricket betting where two or more match results are correct.

Even though Cricket is not very popular in the rest of the world it is by far the most popular sport in India,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Australia and the Carribean. Bookmakers have recognized this and offer amazing offers for betting on Cricket.

This means that if you are good at betting on other sports, betting on cricket can be a very enticing option for you even if you have little knowledge of the sport.

We say this because the same general principles apply to cricket betting as it does with other sports. A few variations of betting on cricket obviously depend on the types of cricket bets, betting markets in Cricket and finally the game of Cricket itself.

Types of cricket bets in Cricket Betting

Best ‘outright betting type’

Lump sum bets are also known as ex post bets. Such bets are placed on the outcome of a tournament or series as opposed to individual matches. Here are a selection of some of the most popular outright cricket betting opportunities.

Outright Winner – Such bets are placed in tournaments such as IPL, BBL or Cricket World Cup. With this condition you select a team to be the winner of the tournament, not just one match.

Series Winners – Similar to ‘outright winners’, this bet applies to the entire series, such as the Ashes or another series for international teams. Here, you select the overall series winner rather than the winner of just one match in the series.

Group winners – You don’t just have to bet on who will win the tournament outright! In tournaments such as the T20 World Cup, you can bet who a particular group will win before the knockout stage.

Top batsman or wicket-taker – This wager can apply to a single match or to an entire tournament or series. In a single match, you can think about which player will be the top batsman or wicket taker in the match, therefore, which player will score the most runs or take the most wickets. In a tournament or series, you can bet who will score the most runs or take the most wickets in the entire tournament or series.

Top Batsman or Wicket-Taker Team – Instead of selecting an individual player to be the top run scorer or wicket-taker, you can select the team thinking that you will have the top run scorer or wicket-taker.

Best Match Betting Opportunities

Also outright cricket betting tips will be available for individual matches during the tournament or series. Here are some of the best cricket bets for a match.

Match Betting – While ‘outright winner’ or ‘series winner’ is a long term bet that applies to an entire tournament or series, match betting applies to a single match where you choose which team will win or in what match. Will end a tie or draw.

To win the toss – it’s a 50-50 shot! Before a match, the captain bounces a coin to decide who will bat first or bowl first. Betting on the winner of the toss is actually betting that will call correctly.

Toss Combination – This bet adds an extra element to the winner of the toss. Here you can lengthen the odds of your selection, but what will be decided by the winning captain if he wins the toss. For example, ‘India will bat first to win the toss’ or ‘England will bowl first to win the toss’.

Over / Under Score – The bookmaker will provide a selection on what score a batting team will get and here you can bet that you think the team will score a total or below it.

First Innings Score – Here you are betting on whether the first innings score will be odd or not. The odds for this type of bet are usually around 10/11 because they are 50/50.

Team Innings Run – The objective is to correctly predict how many runs a team will score in a given innings. It is often over / under bet.

Highest partnership – Here you are thinking about which team you think will have the most partnership in a particular match, therefore, which team will score the most runs without losing wickets. You can also place a bet on the highest starting partnership, which team will score the most runs before losing the first wicket of the match.

Man of the Match – A popular bet where you select an individual player to win the Man of the Match award at the end of the match.

Who will score a century – Will a player of the team score 100 runs in the match? Odds for this bet are higher in shorter formats such as T-matches or 50-over matches, but less for Test matches, where players have more time to score runs. You can also bet on individual players to score a century or 50 in a match. Most sixes or fours – Which team will score the most fours in the match.

Total Match Sixes or Fours – Rather than placing bets on an individual team to score more fours than the other team, this selection is a combined number of sixes or fours from both teams. Selections are often listed as over / under and can be listed for individual teams or players.

Most run outs – Just to identify which team will have the most run outs during the match.

Match bet – A very interesting bet that pits two players against each other against teams in which players will score the most runs or take the most wickets. For example, Virat Kohli vs Joe Root, which player will score the most runs in a match?

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