How To Bet On Call Of Duty

Call of Duty was first released way back in 2003 as a first person shooter video game. Four years later in 2007 the first Call of Duty was being played competitively and has now become one of the biggest esports.

Eventhough League of Legends, CSGO and DOTA 2 are three biggest esports out there compared to Call of Duty, Call of Duty still remains massively popular and has over 50 million active users as of 2020.

Although Call of Duty is an amazing video game, one of the best gameplays out there we are not going to talk about how to become a professional Call of Duty with this article, instead we will be talking about how you can start betting profitably on Call of Duty with our Call of Duty betting tips.

Call of Duty: Basics and how it works

Call of duty is arguably one of the best first person shooter video games in existence today. In Call of Duty you play the role of a soldier who competes with other players in many competitive team based game modes.

Before we talk about how to start betting on Call of Duty you should know that amongst all the different eSports out there Call of Duty tends to be the most volatile.

The reason why the CoD scene is so volatile is because Call of Duty receives a lot of updates from its developer, Activision.Most other eSports games like CSGO,League of Legends and DOTA2 tend to have minor updates which does not change the competitive playing scenes for these games.

This makes betting on Call of Duty a bit of a challenge.Instead of talking about how betting on previous versions of Call of Duty worked, we will instead focus on the latest version that came out on November 13,2020, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

The biggest Call of Duty tournament to be played competitively is Call of Duty League also known as CDL. Call of Duty League is the first franchised Call of Duty league and features 12 professional CoD teams that originate from 11 major cities across the world.

Each of the 12 teams play a homestead series of games.

Competition format in CDL

The CDL introduced a new format in 2020 called the homestand series.In this series of CoD games, eight teams compete in a series of matches in a double elimination format in a best of five series of games.

All the Call of Duty games are played between two teams. Each team has five players.The two teams compete in three game modes on one of seven maps.

The first game is called Hardpoint,the second is called search and destroy and the third is called domination.

If the match is tied at the end of the first three games, the match will go into overtime.

Game modes in professional Call of Duty matches

Hardpoint: In this game mode in Call of Duty the teams fight each to control the neutral zone which is called the hardpoint. This hardpoint keeps moving around the map throughout the game. A hardpoint is basically a small portion of the map and the teams can secure the point when their players stand in that portion.

Teams earn one point per second when they hold this hardpoint. The first team to reach 250 points or accumulate the most points before the timer runs out wins the game

Players respawn at another part of the map after they die. 

Search & Destroy: In this round, each team plays one of two roles, offense or defense and this game mode is played in rounds. All the players get only one life per round.

The team that is playing offense gets a bomb which they have to plant on one of two bomb sites. The bomb detonates in 45 seconds. The offense team wins if they either eliminate the defense team before or after planting the bomb or by detonating the bomb.

The defense team has to prevent the offense team from detonating the bomb.They can do so by eliminating the offense team before they plant the bomb or by successfully defusing the bomb before it detonates once the offense team has planted the bomb.

This mode is played in 13 rounds. The first team to win 6 rounds wins this mode.

Domination: This mode is similar to the hardpoint mode in the sense that both the teams fight it out to control a neutral objective. However unlike the Hardpoint mode, the domination mode features three objectives marked across the map.

Once a team captures an objective it earns 1 point per second per objective.The game is played in 2 rounds of 6 minutes each.

Now that we have covered how Competitive Call of Duty works let’s talk about the type of bets in call of duty.

Call of Duty bet types

When it comes to Call of Duty betting in Canada, there are six major bet types available.

Match winner bets in Call of Duty

As the name suggests, a match winner bet in Call of Duty is a type of bet where you bet on who will win the game in a professional Call of Duty match. Just like in other sports the team that is the underdog will offer you better odds.

Let’s see an example of this below in a match between Atlanta FaZe and Seattle Surge, the bookmakers have decided that Atlanta FaZe are the clear favorites and hence, set the following odds:

  • Atlanta FaZe: 1.45 
  • Seattle Surge: 2.40 

This means that for every $1 you bet you get $1.45 back or you win $0.45 cents for every $1 you bet on Atlanta FaZe. Whereas you can get $2.40 for every $1 you bet on the underdogs Seattle Surge.

As we can see from the example above, the underdogs have a higher odds or payouts.

Call of Duty Betting tip for match winner bets

Always look for odds that offer odds of at least 2.0 or more. This applies not only to Call of Duty betting but also other esports and sports in general. The reason for this is simple,profitability.

Map winner bets in Call of Duty betting

The 3 game modes we mentioned earlier are played across 3 different maps.

The way map winner bets work is pretty similar to match winner bets. The difference between the two is quite simple,while you bet on the overall outcome of which team will win all the 3 games or maps in a match, in the map winner bets you basically bet on who will win each individual game or map.

As we mentioned earlier each game mode or map has different mechanics and this makes betting on Call of Duty interesting. The reason for this is simple, teams tend to perform better on some maps compared to others, even the best ones.

Let’s take a look at an example of hypothetical odds for a map Search and Destory with the teams above.

  • Atlanta FaZe: 2.20
  • Seattle Surge 1.90

Even though Atlanta FaZe was the overall favorite to win the match across the 3 maps, bookmakers decided to offer lower odds to the underdogs Seattle Surge for this map because they know that Atlanta FaZe tends to underperform in this map whereas Seattle Surge tends to do well in this map.

Handicap betting on Call of Duty Betting

Handicap betting also known as spread betting in Call of Duty works in pretty much the same way as it does in other sports. Just like in other sports, handicap betting involves giving one team a theoretical advantage over another in a match in Call of Duty. In Call of Duty handicap betting it involves giving one team a theoretical advantage in the form of maps won.

Most matches in Call of Duty will have a handicap set at +/- 1.5 maps although some games might have options of +/- 2.5 maps.

Let’s go back to our previous example in the match between Atlanta FaZe and Seattle Surge for a hypothetical handicap bet where the bookmakers set the following odds:

  • FaZe Clan -1.5 maps: 1.71 
  • Seattle Surge +1.5 maps: 1.85 

As you remember, Atlanta FaZe is the favorite to win the match across three maps.So bookmakers decided to give them a handicap or disadvantage of -1.5 maps whereas the underdogs start off with an advantage of +1.5 maps. This means in the hypothetical odds set up by bookmakers Seattle Surge will start the match with a +1.5 maps score whereas FaZe will start off with a score of 0 Maps before any of the maps are played.

Now if you bet on FaZe to win the game at -1.5 maps, they would have to win by a margin of at least 1.5 maps or more. This essentially means you are predicting a score line of 3-0.

So if Surge loses by a margin of less than 2 maps you win the bet, if the scoreline ends 2-1 and FaZe win, in this handicap bet Seattle win as they have a hypothetical advantage of +1.5 maps.

The concept remains the same with +/-2.5 spread, only here you’re either predicting one team to win without losing a single map or, for the other team to win at least one map across the whole series.

Over/under betting/ or total maps bets in Call of Duty Betting

In over/under bets in Call of Duty Betting you are basically betting on how many total maps will be played. The option you will have while betting on total maps will be either over 3.5 maps or under 3.5 maps.

If you remember correctly, a call of duty match is played across three maps. If the winner is not decided across these three maps then a 4th map is played in overtime.

So basically with total maps bettin you are betting on whether the match will go into overtime and a 4th map will be played.

Where to legally bet on Call of Duty from Canada

Since only parlay betting is legal in Canada, there are very limited options when it comes to sports betting with Canadian bookmakers. It is perfectly legal to bet on sportsbooks and casinos from outside Canada if you are gambling from Canada.

We recommend you to ensure that you bet with licensed Casinos and Sportsbooks and have listed the 6 of the best reputable and licensed sportsbooks that are regulated with the Malta Gaming Authority:

  1. LuckyBull 
  2. b-Bets
  3. Big5
  4. Casino Sieger
  5. Rembrandt Casino
  6. 24Bettle

Call of Duty Betting strategies and tips

Now that you know how Call of Duty is played, what types of bet there are and how to approach them, as well as which bookmakers are to be considered for your betting endeavor, all that is left to do is to look at a few tips and tricks which will help you with betting on Call of Duty.

Get familiar with the game

If you bet on any sport it’s always a good idea to learn as much as possible about it. Understanding the basics of how maps and game modes work in Call of Duty could help you increase your chances of betting profitability on Call of Duty especially while betting when it comes to live Call of Duty Betting.

Do your research

A crucial factor that will determine your success while betting on Call of Duty is researching each player’s weaknesses and strengths as well as the teams. Make sure to browse through a team’s performance in different maps as well as it would give you a good idea about who you should bet on if you are betting on different map markets.

Use your own judgement

There are many “call of duty betting” experts on reddit and YouTube regularly give out their predictions and it might be tempting to follow their “expert” advice.

It can be quite tempting to follow their advice but we recommend against it and ensure you listen to them objectively and use your own judgement.

You will come across many “Call of Duty betting experts” on forums or YouTube, who will give out their predictions, and while it may be tempting to listen to them and copy their tips, we strongly advise against that. 

Keep in mind anyone can make a prediction – but it does not necessarily mean it’s a well researched one. Do your own research and use the knowledge you have to make smart picks.

Understand the difference between online and LAN play in Call of Duty 

Online matches in most eSports tend to be more volatile than LAN play games. This trend also applied to Call of Duty. So keep this in mind when betting on Call of Duty matches because in online matches it’s quite common for underdogs to bet favorites while the same is not true in LAN play.

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