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Welcome to our article on boxing betting Canada tips. Here we present you all the information we have collected on the subject of boxing bets. We explain the most important rules in boxing and illustrate the most important factors that influence the fight.

In addition, we will give you an overview of the most important providers of boxing bets and show you strategies on how you too can make money with boxing bets.

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Guide: The most important thing about boxing betting

Which boxing betting providers are there?

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What are boxing bets?

What boxing bets are there?

Why is boxing betting so popular?

Which boxer are betting on?

How do boxing bets work?

What is the box betting strategy?

What are the options for depositing bets?

Is there a sign-up bonus for boxing betting?

What apps are there for boxing betting on mobile phones?

What do you have to look out for in boxing betting?

Trivia – The most important facts about boxing

What is boxing?

What weight classes are there in boxing?

What are the most famous boxing bets in the world?

Conclusion – this is what you should keep in mind when betting on boxing

Guide: The most important thing about boxing betting

Which boxing betting providers are there?

There are not only numerous betting shops on site, but also many online betting providers. Some bookmakers have been around for decades. William Hill, a British betting company, has existed since 1934. In its early days, this company specialized in horse betting. A huge spectrum of different bets is now offered. Online bets are also possible with this provider.

What is boxing betting?

Boxing is a very old sport. The first boxing matches took place in ancient times. In the past, as now, the winner was and is bet in advance.

Before the fight, bookmakers set odds on the boxers. Depending on the probability of winning, the betting odds are adjusted to the fight. The offers vary greatly from provider to provider. A good research in advance is therefore advisable. Now you can place a desired amount on your favorites. Whether you win or not depends on the outcome of the boxing match. In order to create the fairest possible starting situation, the boxers are divided into weight classes. The day before the fight, the weight of both fighters will be determined in an official setting.

What types of boxing bets are there?

People all over the world take out sports bets. The possibilities are seemingly unlimited. There are several different types of boxing bets:

The outright bet

The win bet, also known as a single bet, is probably the simplest and most common way of betting. You can either bet on the winner or you can bet on a tie.

A draw, also known as a draw, rarely occurs in boxing. However, the higher the profit distributions are in this case.

The two-way bet

The two-way bet got its name because it offers two ways to bet. There is only one winner and one loser. The two-way bet excludes a tie and in this case the bettor also gets his stake refunded. The odds for this form of sports betting are therefore rather low.

Betting on the number of rounds

There is both the option of an “over / under bet” and the option of a bet on the exact number of laps. The offers are individual from bookmaker to bookmaker.

A professional boxing match consists of 12 rounds of three minutes each with a one-minute break in between. However, a duel is not always over when these 12 rounds have been fought. A fight is also often sealed by a knockout / technical knockout.

Here the bookmakers now offer different betting variants of the so-called “over / under bet”. Here is an example:

The bookmaker sets a number of rounds, for example combat round 7. Now you can decide whether the fight will be decided before (under) or after (over) the seventh round and bet on it.

This is a very popular type of boxing bet because you do not have to commit to an exact result and this increases your chances of winning significantly.

In the case of a bet on the exact number of laps, the exact outcome of the fight will be bet. This form of boxing betting is not an option with all betting providers.

Bet on the type of victory

As already mentioned, a fight may be over before the 12 rounds have been completed, so it means that you can bet on the various reasons for the outcome of the fight.

The decision can be made in eight ways:

Victory through precipitation (Ko)

Victory by giving up the fight (TKO-A)

Victory by abandoning the fight due to incapacity to fight or defend yourself (TKO)

Victory through injury to the boxer (TKO-I)

Victory by scoring


Victory by disqualifying the boxer (Disq.)

Victory by failing to show up (WO)

Abort without decision (NC)

Why are boxing betting so popular?

The history of boxing has its roots in ancient times. According to records, the sport was included in the Olympic Games before the birth of Christ. Instead of today’s gloves, the fighters wore leather straps. Even then, there were already established rules.

Boxing is an endurance sport

The strongest boxers don’t necessarily win.

Boxing today is different from the form it was back then. The basic forms of today’s rules emerged in England in the 17th and 18th centuries. In 1904 boxing was part of the modern Olympic Games for the first time and from 1920 onwards.

Boxing continues to captivate its audience.

The audience followed the fighters with excitement. It only takes a little inattention from one of the boxing pros and the fight can end prematurely.

Boxing is fascinating. 

You not only need strength and endurance, but also the highest concentration, speed and, above all, courage to step into the boxing ring. A box duel is often a drama without words.

We certainly owe the popularity of boxing to legends such as Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather and, especially in Germany, the Klitschko brothers.

The great media attention attracts millions of people in front of the screens and also makes the hearts of gamblers beat faster. The often uncertain outcome adds to the thrill.

Which boxers are worth betting on?

Especially when you are at the beginning of a betting career, this is often perceived as a challenge. The question of which boxer you place your bet on is anything but easy. 

Unfortunately, there is no secret recipe with a 100 percent guarantee of success. First and foremost, it is a matter of getting well informed about the fighters and doing sufficient research in the area. The boxer’s current physical condition and general health as well as injuries are particularly interesting. This is the first step in filtering out a box favorite.

Nowadays, the Internet offers itself as an information medium. Sites like freeslots-canada give a good overview of some boxers. The odds of each individual fighter can also be researched online.

Boxing matches in themselves are not uncommon. Almost every day there are duels between rather unknown fighters. In order to be able to bet there and do well, however, you have to have a lot of inside knowledge and be well versed in the scene. So a good tip: Better to concentrate on the few highlights of the year where really well-known greats show off their skills. The risk of being wrong with a bet is of course still there, but it is a lot lower if you bet on a known favorite.

How does boxing betting work?

The betting providers, also known as bookmakers, evaluate a boxing match in advance and then set the odds based on the initial probability.

The bettor (customer) can use these odds to bet a predetermined amount. The bet can be placed in a betting office or with an online provider.

What is the perfect boxing betting strategy?

There is no template for a safe sports betting strategy. As already mentioned in the above part, it is certainly advantageous for a beginner to first find out about the individual fighters and their physical condition.

In addition, it is certainly an advantage if you bid at larger events with well-known fighters at the beginning, because there you have a greater chance of guessing who could win.

Last but not least, a tip: At the beginning it is better to invest smaller sums until you have gained some experience and can use your money safely and with confidence. If you lose a lot of money at the beginning by making a mistake, you may lose the fun of betting. It is better to start small and then reinvest the money wisely.

What are the options for depositing bets?

You can bet in person at betting shops as well as online over the Internet. You can do this either on your computer or on your mobile phone. Special mobile phone apps allow you to be part of every bet without any problems. A credit card is also not required. You can pay in cash in the betting office. You can also use a “Pay Safe Card” online or on your mobile phone, for example, which you can purchase in the tobacco shop, petrol stations and in some shops. Other payment options are PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort Überweisung, Giropay, bank transfer, Entropay, check, EPS and ECOpayz.

Is there a sign-up bonus for boxing betting?

Most bookmakers on the Internet offer a betting bonus when you sign up for the first time. Most of the time you will then be able to bet without a deposit as your bonus can be used for the first game.

It is important that you read the small print carefully, as not all offers and providers are serious and you can fall into a trap.

What apps are there for boxing betting on mobile phones?

There are countless apps that make betting possible on your mobile phone. Basically, all applications are compatible with both Android and iOS.

In our opinion, the top apps include: tipico sports betting, bet-at-home, bwin, interwetten, live betting, william hill and betsafe.

Installing the apps on your mobile phone is easy and free. You can download them from the App Store with just a few clicks. Then just enter the payment method and you can start betting.

There is also the “LiveTicker” function. This makes it possible not to see the fight live and still be up to date with the duel.

What do you have to look out for in boxing betting?

Especially in boxing and the high sums involved, there are always cases of fraud. Betting odds are so high that collusion and manipulation are not uncommon. The judges’ points are not always neutral and this means that the result can be influenced. Therefore it is important to be careful.

Trivia – The most important facts about boxing

What is boxing?

In a boxing match, two opponents face each other in a ring under fixed rules. In professional boxing, the boxing ring is 20 by 20 feet or 6.096 by 6.096 meters. The fight is fought purely with fists and is divided into twelve rounds of three minutes each with a break between the individual rounds. The rounds are supervised by a referee. This decides on the inability of an opponent. In professional boxing there are three referees who individually assess each round of combat using the “10-point must system”.

In the event of a knockout, the referee will judge the fight. In the case of a fight over the full number of rounds, the boxer with the most points wins. As a rule, the stronger fighter always gets ten points for each round. The loser receives only nine points, unless he has suffered one or more knockdowns in the fight, then further points are deducted accordingly. Points for possible warnings are only subtracted at the end of the fight.

What weight classes are there in boxing?

In order to make a boxing duel as fair as possible, the boxers are divided into different weight classes. The similar physical constellation should give the two opponents the chance of a fair fight.

The weight classes in men’s boxing are divided as follows:

Weight in Ibs (pounds)Weight in kgDesignation of the weight class
105 lbs47.627 kgMini flyweight or straw weight
108 Ibs48.988 kgLight flyweight or junior flyweight
112 lbs50.802 kgFlyweight
115 Ibs52.163 kgSuper self-weight or junior bantamweight
118 lbs53.525 kgBantamweight
122 Ibs55.340 kgSuperbantamweight or Junior featherweight
126 Ibs57.153 kgFeatherweight
130 lbs58.967 kgSuper featherweight or junior lightweight
135 lbs61.235 kglightweight
140 lbs63.503 kgSuper light weight or junior world weight
147 Ibs66.678 kgWelterweight
154 lbs69.850 kgSuper welterweight or junior middleweight
160 lbs72.574 kgmedium weight
168 lbs76.203 kgSuper middleweight
175 lbs79.378 kgLight heavyweight
200 lbs90.720 kgCruiser weight
200+ IbsAnything over 90.720 kgHeavyweight

The various weight classes were specified in pounds. That is why the information in kg is a bit unusual.

It is also important to mention that there have been four recognized boxing associations as of 2017. These associations are called WBA, WBO, IBF and WBC. Each of these associations awards a championship belt in each weight class. However, in order for a boxer to become an undisputed champion in boxing, he must acquire all four belts.

Brit Anthony Joshua is a heavyweight boxer and is currently very close to this goal, as he already holds the titles of three federations (IBF, WAB and WBO).

What are the most famous boxers in the world?

The most famous boxers in history are definitely those of Muhammad Ali.

By defeating his longtime rival Joe Fraser, Muhammad Ali made history. The fight is considered by many to be one of the best in history. 

It was also an important fight for the Philippines, as it received international attention and recognition. At this point in time, the country had already been under martial law for three years.

The incredible energy that this arena gave will make this 15-round battle no longer forget anyone.

Another highlight in Muhammad Ali’s career was the fight against the clear favorite George Foreman. The pompous staging and Ali’s role as an underdog made the fight in Africa a highlight.

George Foreman, nicknamed “Big George”, was an undefeated champion in 40 fights. But Ali surprised everyone with his strategy.

He withstood the hard blows of Foreman until he ran out of air in the heat of Africa. In the eighth round, Ali hit “Big George” with a left-right combination and nine head hits. Muhammad Ali did the impossible and he was number one again!

Conclusion – this is what you should keep in mind when betting on boxing

With a little research and an interest in current events in the boxing scene, betting tips can add to the excitement. With the right strategy, careful selection of the betting provider and adherence to your own limit, nothing stands in the way of betting pleasure.

Is Betting on Boxing legal in Canada

When it comes to sports betting only parlay betting is legal in Canada. However, the law does not prohibit Canadian residents to gamble in online casinos outside of Canada.

The Best Bookmakers for Boxing Betting

Here are 6 legal bookmakers regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority where you can legally bet on boxing and other sports if you are a Canadian resident. These bookmakers also accept players from over 157 countries:

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