Blitz Blackjack Review

Blitz Blackjack is the latest addition to the popular portfolio fo live Blackjack games by NetEnt called “Twenty-one” 

Marketed as an updated version of the iconic Common Draw Blackjack, the newest member of the diversified gaming family of this renowned provider brings visual refreshments to players’ experience and holds intact all the established features of the previous version. Blitz Blackjack is a multiplier game that has basically the same rules as the previous version and has been affectionately Nicknamed Common Draw 2.0.

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NetEnt made improvements to the outlook table, the user interface, and the context of the game. 

The betting choices and overall setup are the same in this new version just like the original but the cool new design gives an extra dose of excitement to the and game and players

As such, Blitz Blackjack—which went live late in 2019—has something unique to offer to fans of live Blackjack who dislike waiting for tables because they are full of other players, the fact that there are no seat limits.

This means that an infinite number of players can play at the same time and you, the player does not have to wait to play Blitz Blackjack

In comparison to the standard 7-seater game table, all Blitz Blackjack players put their bets on the same hand, with similar cards, and make their own choices.

This one-to-many feature makes it a high-speed game built to hit broader audiences with no waiting at all.

Blitz Blackjack is perfect for beginners because it gives you advice as to what action you should take in order to win a hand against the dealer.

The game itself is 3:2 blackjack played with 8 sets. Insurance pays 2:1, dealer is on the 17th, and players can double on either of the first two cards (DA2). Splitting is permitted without limitations in additional hands (except for Aces); the same applies to doubling after splitting (except for split Aces).

There is no random shuffle in place, while manual shoe penetration depends on the online hubs that deploy the game. The dealer picks up his upcard after all the players have earned theirs, which is also known as European Blackjack.

According to the supplier, these laws build a 0.5 percent house edge.

In terms of side bets, Blitz Blackjack features Perfect Pairs and 21+3, which is neat: since they are among the most common side bets, players should be able to switch quickly and smoothly to this release.

As reported on the developer’s site, 21+3 side bet comes with 6.29 per cent of the house edge while in Perfect Pairs the advantage of the casino drops to 5.79 per cent. (It is worth noting, however, that the edge of the Perfect Pairs house often appears to change depending on the type of pair.)

Betting rules allow betting between $1 and $100, which should be good enough for both beginners and advanced blackjack dealers. The betting range still remains the same in European casinos, except that the currency is EUR.

The user interface makes the full attention of the action and the single-camera feed. Control strip is at the top right corner; live chat shows up vertically, balance and betting data is at the bottom left corner. Key controls are conveniently and transparently at the middle of the panel.

The history varies with the deployment option. NetEnt offers Blitz Blackjack in Network Standalone and Network Branded Casino packages: the former features custom-branded background while the latter creates a recognizable casino atmosphere with other tables in the background.

This live dealer game is available on desktop platforms—supporting all major browsers and operating systems—as well as on tablets and smartphones.

All in all, Blitz Blackjack comes with an excellent pedigree, proven history spanning seven years—ride on the heels of its precursor—plus Vegas’ package of rules packed with crisp video quality, a vibrant casino feel, and a revived outlook (including interface available in 23 languages).

Lower than average table limits make it open to players of various ability levels and, given that patrons approach it wisely and play within the limits of their budget—not to mention the use of proper playing strategy—Blitz Blackjack provides outstanding fun.

The rest and the findings are in the hands of the expertise of the patrons and Fortuna. With that in mind, we wish you a good time and even better luck!

  • Instant availability of seats
  • low table limits and use of Vegas Rules
  • Reputable provider
  • Highly volatility Blackjack game
  • Flexible and appeals to many kinds of players
  • No waiting
  • Charismatic and interactive dealers
  • A fresh perspective on the common draw version of live Blackjack
  • A fresh take on the popular Common Draw version of live blackjack
  • New re-bet feature available on the The interface 
  • Good video quality

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